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Some are clients of London Legal International , which is to date the only Turkish law firm in the UK. Attorney at law and founding partner Burcu Orhan-Holmgren launched the firm in 2007. She considered the statistics – UK-Turkey trade is currently worth over $11bn a year – and decided to try her luck, Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD she says. ‘I just set up with a computer by myself to see if anybody would come and give me any work. The firm provides Turkish law advice in co-operation with four Turkey-based independent law firms on contentious and non-contentious matters related to real estate, mining and import-export.
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LLC’s capital is divided by shares which can be transferred freely similar to a joint stock company. Turkey is a civil law country and the Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102 was enacted in 2012 for repealing the previous code to align with the related developments in the international legal scene including EU acquis communautaire. Within this scope, many important amendments were introduced particularly in the corporate governance area to increase transparency and ensure accountability, fairness and responsibility in corporations. They have an in-depth knowledge on the regulatory matters and they provide prompt and business-oriented advice to their clients”.

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According to reporting by DW Turkish, Mehmet Cengiz, the chair of Cengiz Holding and close ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is implicated in the recently released trove of tax documents known as the Pandora Papers. According to the documents, Cengiz Holding has been sending wealth to an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands and purchasing property in the UK to avoid taxation. They explored possibilities of further increasing cooperation in the field of energy and mining in particular, as well as other business and future investment opportunities, it added. However, some legal experts and specialists I discussed the issue with noted that no result would come from this appeal to the international court. The project’s total financial cost is $1.4 billion, with Renaissance Holding owning a 66% stake and Sonatrach 34%.
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Our clients range from small private companies with no internal legal staff to large public companies with their own internal compliance teams. For each of our clients we tailor our approach to that client’s unique requirements. The procedure of obtaining the Turkish citizenship includes 3 stages and our consultancy contains all parts of this procedure.

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Having defined social network providers, the law imposed several obligations; notably the obligation to appoint a representative in Turkey to act as a contact between foreign social network providers and Turkish authorities. Our lawyers and legal staff stay apprised of changes in the law and regularly attend seminars and informational courses, as well as review educational materials to ensure that our Firm remains current and has a thorough understanding of the law. Our lawyers strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives and interests of those we represent.

Anderson Bouwens is a client intake specialist at Nyman Turkish PC. Often the first point of contact for our clients, he specializes in gathering information and evaluating claims before they are filed. Jasmine is the receptionist in the California office of Nyman Turkish PC. She works seamlessly with all of our departments to make sure our clients’ needs are met. During college, she was the director of LSAT prep for the UC Davis pre-law association, and she also completed at the David Chandler Law Offices. Valerie is a client intake specialist at Nyman Turkish PC. As one of the first Turkish staying permit points of contact for our clients, she works tirelessly to ensure that all of the relevant information and evidence is considered. Jacquelyn Zuniga-Calderon is a case manager at Nyman Turkish PC. She is an unmatched advocate for her clients, gained through her extensive experience fighting against the Social Security Administration to win benefits for her clients. Nicole is a client intake specialist at Nyman Turkish PC. She comes to the Nyman Turkish team from the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office after spending several years working the in Victim Services Department.

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In January the president (Ümit Kocasakal) and board of the Istanbul Bar Association were indicted on criminal charges of attempting to influence the members of the judiciary in the ‘Sledgehammer’ case . (This case concerned a conspiracy to trigger a coup against the government. Three former army generals were each jailed for 20 years.) The indictment followed their request to the courts to conduct the trial according to law and fair trial principles. We are well recognized as a leader in handling all types of domestic relations matters including high net worth divorces. The Firm is based in Istanbul, with working and correspondent offices Ankara, İzmir and the major commercial centres in Turkey. Diana Solano is an Executive Assistant at Nyman Turkish PC. She works closely with our partners in all various departments and takes on a wide variety of tasks.
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Our team at Topo Law Firm always go the extra miles to ensure the best quality of our works. With our experienced lawyers and our legal staff expert in their fields, we adopt establishing long-term and trust-based business relationships with our clients as a principle. The chances are that in subsequent years those firms may enter the list of the best law firms ranked and awarded by us at The Lawyers Global.

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The fees paid at the time of filing the lawsuit may vary according to the type of the case. Whether you reach to an agreement with the lawyer, or the nature of the agreement with the lawyer, the litigation costs are determined each year by the Ministry of Justice. Legally, if the case is won, it is possible to Turkish resident permit collect the lawyer fee from the opposing party at the end of the trial. The court may decide to make the opposing party pay the attorney fee under the name of the counsel fee. However, if you would like to seek legal consulting service, you are required to pay the legal consultation fee determined by the IBA .
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The project aims to produce polypropylene plastic used in several industries, including cars and textiles. Work is currently underway to implement a petrochemical project between Algeria’s state-owned oil and gas company Sonatrach and the Turkish firm Renaissance Holding in Turkey’s southern Adana province. They explored possibilities of further increasing cooperation in the field of energy and mining, in particular, as well as other business and future investment opportunities, it added.

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The Legal 500 has launched the third edition of its comparative guide on Competition Litigation, designed to provide the in-house community with a pragmatic overview of the competition litigation landscape across a variety of jurisdictions. Workplace activism isn’t a new concept, but one which has been exacerbated in recent times by social movements and the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic. With an increased awareness of law firm workplace rights, along with changes in technologies and communication channels, employees can become activists within their workplaces very quickly. To help you navigate and control risk in a challenging legal landscape, we have collated a range of key advice and guidance. You can browse, search or filter our publications, seminars and webinars, multimedia and collections of curated content from across our global network.
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Bedrettin Gürcan from Gurcan İstanbul Office will mention buying property in Turkey, step by step with all legal process. Gurcan Partners provides work and residence permit services including applications and all required steps. Cyber Law Turkey is Istanbul-based Law Firm is based on serving its clients in the light of current legal developments with its human and justice-oriented working principle. By providing clients with innovative products and invaluable resources, we empower them to achieve great things, even when we’re not in the room. The effect that these more severe sanctions may have on the business models of social network providers has become more apparent, with several social network providers said to be closer to appointing local representatives. Failure by foreign social network providers to appoint a local representative is sanctioned in accordance with a five-tier system.

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