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Kennedys Forms Association With Leading Turkish Law Firm

Andersen Global Extends Coverage With One Of Turkeys Largest Law Firms

Until we have completed such steps, we will not be deemed to have a lawyer-client relationship with you, and will have no duty to keep confidential the information we receive from you. Located in business centers across the globe, the lawyers of Latham & Watkins come from all regions of the world to practice within its fully integrated, one-firm structure. By taking into consideration reciprocity principle, international law and European Union Law, foreigners who are exempt from work permits in the regulation, have been excluded from the Law. Legalixa Law Firm attorneys frequently provide lectures to human resource professionals and attorneys on a wide range of subjects related to the employment relationship.
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ANIL & Antonetti Law Firm provided legal services to many domestic and foreign clients. ANIL & Antonetti is one of the few legal firms in Turkey operating internationally. Our primary goal is to provide practical legal advice to our local and international clients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. As a boutique firm of lawyers, we focus on establishing an intensive contact with our clients by immersing ourselves in their business in order to understand their needs and create appropriate terms of business from a realistic perspective.

Corporate Law

Legalixa is one of the leading Turkey law firms providing legal services in criminal law. Legalixa Law Firm’s Turkey criminal lawyers vigorously defend companies and their executives and directors against charges of criminal misconduct and related civil claims. Utilizing a talent base composed of former high-ranking prosecutors and long-time defense practitioners, we have delivered successful results turkish citizenship through both the adversary process as well as through skillful negotiation. Our matters span varied industries and have involved concerns of criminal misconduct under antitrust, banking, environmental, false claims, health care, and securities laws, among others. With the support of of counsels, our Turkish criminal lawyerscan defend clients nationally and internationally from our Istanbul Office.
law firm turkey
Providing coordinated and consistent defenses to such “parallel proceedings” has been the hallmark of our practice for decades. We react quickly when there is an opportunity to understand the scope of any potential problems before they are discovered by potential governmental or civil plaintiff adversaries. The Courts of First Instance shall have jurisdiction over enforcement decisions. Nevertheless, there is no unity in practice, because some civil courts of first instance reject the applications owing to lack of jurisdiction and send the file to the relevant commercial, intellectual property or labour courts. Ata Patent™ Turkish Patent Law Firm has assembled an experienced group of Turkish trademark attorneys to help clients obtain, protect and enforce intellectual property rights in Istanbul, Turkey.


Members’ liability limited to amount they have undertaken to contribute to company assets. If a guarantee company does not have a share capital, members are not required to buy shares . Registration is not compulsory and can be done through the registrar of firms. Active partners take part in day-to-day operations of the business, in addition to investing in it. Sleeping partners invest in the business and are entitled to a share of its profits, but do not participate in day-to-day operations. 07 October 2021 Japan and Singapore Have World’s Most Powerful Passports Japan and Singapore have been found to have the world’s most powerful passports in the latest Henley Passport Index.

Dundar Law Firm – based in Istanbul, active all around Turkey – advises clients on various aspects of Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Unfair Competition Law, IT Law and Data Protection, Advertising and Labelling and Domain Name Disputes. Headquartered in Istanbul with strong ties Turkish work permit to an international network in association with DWF LLP. We maintain permanent access to offices in Istanbul to meet and work with clients, although our home office is in Geneva, Switzerland, and we are always accessible to clients, regardless of their location, by videoconference.

More Than 185 Attorneys With Trial Experience In 48 Different States

The deep relationships that have been built over time enable Latham’s lawyers to provide integrated international legal advice in a seamless manner. Legalixa is one of the leading Turkey law firms providing legal services in immigration law. We work diligently to ensure that our clients maintain a solid understanding of the immigration laws that directly impact their organizations. We help our clients customize their immigration processes into meaningful methods for attracting global talent. Our combined client response practices and technology produce case feedback which is both timely and continuing. In all of those situations our attorneys’ ability to call upon the resources of the Firm’s other practice areas is of value to clients.
law firm turkey
It’s unlikely that the Afghan fiasco will change things, given congressional squeamishness on pretty much all critical issues. Even if the war in Afghanistan is over, the 20-year-old Authorization for the Use of Military Force that green-lighted it remains on. That’s the legislative fig leaf that Congress passed shortly after 9/11 to let the White House and Pentagon turkish citizenship wage war without lawmakers actually having to get their hands bloody by declaring one. “As a matter of domestic law, the president has authorized U.S. forces to strike ISIS-K targets in Afghanistan, pursuant to the 2001 AUMF,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said September 30, 7,318 days after it passed (ISIS-K is the Afghan branch of the Islamic State).

Not valid against third parties.Valid inter partes but cannot override mandatory corporate law. Not valid against third parties.AccountingFinancial tables of the company and annual activity report of the Board is required to be audited as per the Turkish auditing standards which is compatible with the international standards. TL 100,000 for non-public joint stock companies which accepted the registered capital system.

Esin closed a €36.5 million inbound M&A deal in the energy sector 10 days into the protests, advising Germany’s hedge fund manager Aquila Capital. Commenting a week later amid the continuing stand-off between the government and demonstrators, Esin said that while clients were not cancelling any new investments, they were postponing them to ‘wait and see’ how things would pan out in the subsequent weeks. But some lawyers are worried about the impact of the protests on investor confidence. The main stock market index in Istanbul lost almost 10.5% on 3 June, although it has recovered some lost ground.

In order for a foreign law firm to practice in Turkey, they are obliged to make an agreement with a Turkish law firm in Turkey, rather than establishing partnerships. Likewise, they are under an obligation to include the name of one of the resident foreign lawyers in the name of the firm. Foreign Companies carrying business in Turkey often need a constant professional legal consultant who can understand the legal problems and prevents problems before they arise where possible, manage risk and handle day to day issues that need legal advice,thus saving management time and cost.

Her insurance and reinsurance practice is particularly distinguished, and she has vast experience in handling coverage issues on almost all policy types. With its expert team of lawyers, under the light of the most accurate and current legal consult, Gunes & Gunes performs analysis to the commercial investors working in national and international scope and thus aims to ensure the investors’ maximum profitability with minimal risk. We provide a wide range of Turkish legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the world. Our services include comprehensive, updated legal information, professional legal consultation and representation. At Erdem & Erdem, we place high value on continuing legal education and in-depth research focusing on current legal developments in various areas of law.

Government Advisory Practice

We are open to both Turkish and international candidates, including trainees and law students. Liabilities of companies which operate foreign trade transactions do not end up just by completing import and export procedures concerning goods. Occasionally, we offer trainings at our offices and our clients’ headquarters on the Turkish Commercial Code including matters relating to directors’ liability. Our team of lawyers brings to bear market expertise in Turkey and known with our great ability to handle complex financing structures, and to respond to clients’ concerns in a flexible manners.

Because of this jurisdictional versatility, we have become a preferred legal counsel for establishing and structuring large-scale international investment projects in Turkey and abroad. (Turkish Lawyers’ Code 2001) Foreign practices are capable of registering themselves as firms but cannot practice as fully incorporated multi-national partnerships since they are merely allowed to advice on “international law”. Thus, foreign law firms (i.e. US or European firms) in Turkey offer a mixture of consultancy services through Turkish lawyers, or having obliged to incorporate in Turkish firms.
law firm turkey
We handle all client matters and transactions in an efficient, responsive and timely manner. With our knowledge, experience and strong network, we ensure all legal matters smoothly move forward. Our attorneys are recognized for their work in leading legal directories and peer reviewed publications. Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency has enlisted a leading U.S. law firm to get strategic advice on protecting its rights in the F-35 fighter jet program. Yes but a Turkish lawyer employed in a foreign partnership may only provide services in international and foreign law. The Foreign Attorney Partnership regulations also require reciprocal arrangements in the foreign attorney’s home country.

Kılınç Law & Consulting is a law firm based in Turkey, providing legal services in domestic and international areas. The Firm’s leading services include energy and commercial law, competition law, Mergers and acquisitions, including execution of application processes to the Competition Authority, project finance and consultancy services given to Foreign Direct Investments. Accordingly, our law firm provides daily consultancy services to its clients in employment law, contracts law and capital markets law.
law firm turkey
Dedeoğlu & Balaban Law Firm provides legal services to various kinds of companies, entities and individuals such as international and global holdings, small-sized companies at the foundation phase, individuals, entrepreneurs, public agencies, foundations and charitable organizations. Our corporate team, competent in various disciplines, strives to offer unique solutions suitable for the purpose. Our experienced team assists multinational and local clients on their long term strategic business planning and the day-to-day operations. Our lawyers combine their legal skills with an understanding of our clients’ business requirements to deliver constructive, relevant and accurate service. We established our Diversity Committee in 2014 to host internal educational events and engage with our clients on gender, LGBT, ethnic, cultural, and disability issues. We are also one of the few law firms in Turkey to have a Corporate Social Responsibility and a Pro Bono program that provides our lawyers with 20 billable hours a year to advise on pro bono matters.

Kılınç Law & Consulting Kılınç Law & Consulting is a law firm based in Turkey, providing legal services in domestic and international areas. Throughout each of these stages, Legalixa Law Firm attorneys assist clients in obtaining and analyzing environmental site assessments and in working with consultants, lenders and governmental authorities in related environmental matters. Our services with respect to company formation include advising and drafting documents in connection with the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and Turkish liaison offices. We provide targeted advice with respect to both the choice of entity and Turkish laws under the entity is to be organized.

Recruited for their personnel and academic excellence, creativity, integrity and motivation, the Firm’s Lawyers have a passion for their areas of practice and for the clients they serve. Our team is ensuring to always be up-to-date with new regulations and laws notably regarding the last commercial law’s reform and its ongoing amendments. More than a global Legal advice, K&P Legal became a strategic and privileged partner for the Clients. Indeed, it is accompanied daily and in needed moments of their development, for both Turkish and International Companies and Publics Institutions. Founded in 1990, K&P Legal is a leading Turkish Law Firm in continuous expansion.
law firm turkey
In addition to their experience in the region they can provide the necessary services together with their partnering law offices throughout the world. They also provide their customers a very innovative approach with the conferences held annually”. Ünsal Law provides services to leading international and local private and listed companies, investors, entrepreneurs as well as government institutions. Aslan Attorney serves its individual and corporate clients in English, Arabic and Russian languages in terms of both local and international business and investments.
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Our Turkey Arbitration Lawyers Desk also has access to Turkish jurisprudence and doctrine, while speaking native English and employing Turkish nationals on an as-needed basis. The non-exclusive association between both firms, will be effective from 1 August 2021, and takes the number of Kennedys’ offices, associations and co-operations around the globe to 67. We operate as an extension of our clients’ businesses to develop enduring global relationships. As such social network providers have become an integral part of Turkish media and advertising industries, there will be an obvious economic effect on the platforms and businesses that rely up them. However, there is an expectation that some of the larger social network providers may still refuse to comply; with one theory being that acquiescing to such an obligation may be viewed as the first domino in a sequence that will require mandatory local representation in other jurisdictions. A major development in media regulation in Turkey has been the amendment of the Law on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications, also known as the “Social Media Law”.
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CDCA helps clients develop, protect and setup innovative technologies operating in electronics, internet and e-commerce, software, health, energy and other industries. We provide technology companies with strategic business, legal and governmental advice at every stage of a company’s business life. We support our clients from the creation and protection of ideas, growth of their businesses and in forming market leadership, to mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. Our technology lawyers also collaborate with our litigation lawyers to analyze and reduce the chance of lawsuit. Are there any conditions that must be fulfilled for a foreign lawyer to qualify for a limited licence?
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Refined by over 25 years of residence and citizenship by investment industry leadership, Henley & Partners’ unique strategic advisory process creates lifelong value for you and your family. We have the broadest and deepest private client offering available, working with the widest range of sovereign states, giving you the greatest possible optionality. The return on your investment includes the freedom to travel, live, and invest where you choose, enhanced security, and a hedge against potential volatility. ErsoyBilgehan is an independent full-service law firm widely recognized for its strong national and international practice.
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