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New Rules For The Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

The Definitive Guide Of Turkish Citizenship By Investment

The real rise in prices, taking into account high inflation, is more modest – from 2 to 6.5% per annum. Three years after obtaining citizenship, you can sell the purchased papers or real estate or close the deposit. With the changes to the program making it more favorable for foreign investors, Turkey’s CBI program is one of the best out there at the moment. You don’t have to worry about your heirs not inheriting the real estate in the event of your death.

We think it’s safe to assume that this year will be record-breaking for the Turkish CBI program. Only recently, the Chinese agents have caught wind of Turkey’s CBI program and have started to flock to the country, eager to tell their clients back home all about it. If you make an investment in Turkey but don’t live there, you won’t be liable to pay income tax. Do keep in mind that if you sell your property after the mandatory three year holding period is up, you will be liable to pay VAT.

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In general, there are 2 investment options for citizenship; economic contribution to the country in another words donation OR real estate investment. The requirement vary from country to country; however it is safe to say that contribution amount starts with 100,000 USD and Real Estate Investment requirements start with 200,000 USD. On top of these base amounts, government processing fees, government application fees, government due diligence fees, passport fees, bank fees, professional fees and for real estate investment, real estate closing costs should be added. Our well-established international associates’ network offers on-ground support in the destination country to make the process more efficient for investors and entrepreneurs. We believe in securing application approval and setting up our clients and their families for a prosperous and stable future overseas – with professional assistance at every step.
turkish citizenship by investment
Turkey’s law fully protects your legal heirs and will make sure the property passes down to them. As a Turkish national, you can live and work in the UK fairly easily. You would need to apply for a business person visa, initiate the move, and eventually even get a British citizenship if you so choose.

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Specialize in residence and citizenship planning, oversea education and global asset management. 11+ years of studying and working in Singapore, I am familiar with local business environment. Expertise in international immigration and tax policies, I look forward to assisting you with my professional knowledge and dedication.
turkish citizenship by investment
Under this option one can choose between making a deposit to a Turkish bank, buying government bonds, purchasing shares in an investment fund or making a fixed capital investment. Regardless of where you decide to place your money, this deposit must be held for a minimum of three years and have a value of at least USD$ 500,000. Those who do not wish to be tied into property ownership, should consider the capital investment, which is definitely the easiest way, as you just need to transfer overseas the money you already have in your bank account.

The validity period of the report on the estimated value of real estate is no more than 3 months before the date of application for citizenship. Of course, the cost of remote services of a Turkish lawyer based on a power of attorney will be more costly for you than if you were in Turkey. On the other hand, using the remote service, you can fully deploy and implement your investment plans, start the procedure for obtaining citizenship without losing valuable time.

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The law offices of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh specialize in Israeli immigration law. If you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship, we can arrange the various procedures and represent you throughout the process. The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship has recently changed, and now offers more convenient conditions for a candidate seeking to acquire citizenship for himself and his family.

The property market in Turkey offers offers significant value for money. You can obtain your Turkish passport in as little as 4-6 months, without the need to visit or reside in Turkey. All applications and legal work is done by our team as part of our after-sale services. In case of the refusal of law firm istanbul the application; you will also benefit our “dispute resolution and litigation” services through administrative justice without any extra service fees charged. A random attorney who is picked by the real estate or -so called- “consultancy” agencies can do anything with your personal documentation.

For the transfers from abroad, the receipt of the bank account which the sale amount is transferred shall also be submitted. The date of issuance of such assessment report shall be three months prior to the application date. Such appraisal report shall be valid until the end of the transaction. In the light of above staying permit turkey explanations, a building with construction servitude deed carries higher legal risk whereas the condominium title deed is more legal basis. Therefore, all potential risks shall be examined before purchasing a real estate. The following six investment procedures and principles are independent from each other.

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