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The Bosphorus connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, and separates Europe and Asia. Its population is between 11 and 15 million people, making it one of the largest cities in Europe. Due to ever-changing environment of Covid-19, hotel may change service conditions to comply with local legislation and regulations.

Although the Sultan lived at a safe remove from the masses, and the wealthy and poor tended to live side by side, for the most part Istanbul was not zoned as modern cities are. Opulent houses shared the same streets and districts with tiny hovels. Those rich enough to have secluded country properties had a chance of escaping the periodic epidemics of sickness that blighted Istanbul. Constantinople began to decline continuously after the end of the reign of Basil II in 1025. The Fourth Crusade was diverted from its purpose in 1204, and the city was sacked and pillaged by the crusaders.

Istanbul On Cold Weather Alert As Rainfall Takes Hold

Explore , eat the food, get wrapped up in the history and culture of the streets. And have you thought about getting Travel Insurance for your trip? You can get a quote from World Nomads by clicking on the link below. All types of public transport are pretty busy well into the night.
I was curious to check out the new Istanbul Airport, given how often I had used the old Ataturk Airport. In this post wanted to review the airport as such, and in the next post I’ll review the Turkish Airlines Lounge. The pursuit of simple, delicious food has been elevated to an art form at this Bosphorus-view restaurant. The property is located 28 miles from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International airport. Location meant a very short walk to the Hypodrome, nearby tourist areas ans shopping, and the tram network. Taxi pickup was prompt and convenient to the airport on our departure.

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The great church of the Byzantine capital Constantinople took its current structural form under the direction of the Emperor Justinian I. The church was dedicated in 537, amid great ceremony and the pride of the emperor . Numerous medieval travelers praise the size and embellishment of the church. Hagia Sophia is the symbol of Byzantium in the same way that the Parthenon embodies Classical Greece or the Eiffel Tower typifies Paris. We created Smarthistory to provide students around the world with the highest-quality educational resources for art and cultural heritage—for free. With 503 contributors from 201 colleges, universities, museums, and research centers, Smarthistory is the most-visited art history resource in the world.
Antique velvet armchairs, good music and cozy dim lighting make Arkaoda a great place to chill with friends for hours at a time. A cosy café by day and an ever-popular bar/club by night, Arkaoda is our favourite watering hole on Kadife Sokak, Kadıköy’s main bar street. Due to the fact that its stage remained incomplete, Süreyya functioned as a movie theatre and wedding hall for many years until its restoration in 2007. Now re-opened to fulfill its original purpose, Süreyya is worth a visit for its architecture alone. Nostalgia gleams from the walls of this building and its art deco foyer, which was modeled after the Champs-Elysées Theatre in Paris.

Fener: The Greek Orthodox District

Straddling both Europe and Asia, it’s no surprise that ’s rich cultural heritage has had a huge influence on some of its most important architecture. With the minarets of around 3,000 mosques piercing Istanbul’s skyline, these places of worship are an integral part of the city. Here are the most beautiful mosques worth visiting on your trip.

In addition to these residents, he brought in Muslim, Christian, and Jewish families to establish a mixed populace. Sultan Mehmed also began the building of architectural monuments, schools, hospitals, public baths, and grand imperial mosques. As competition persisted between the law firm turkey Catholic Latin Empire and the Greek Orthodox Byzantine Empire, Constantinople was caught in the middle and began to significantly decay. It went financially bankrupt, the population declined, and it became vulnerable to further attacks as defense posts around the city crumbled.

The less-harried Asian side of Istanbul is a greener, cleaner swath of the city that offers its own multicultural mix of Ottoman palaces, intriguing cuisine and hipster night life. From Istanbul Airport to the city, you can board IETT public buses or HAVAIST shuttles; the journey will take one to two hours depending on traffic. You can also grab a taxi, which will cut your journey time down to around an hour. If you’re taking the train, Sirkeci Station is in the Old City, around a 10-minute walk away from landmarks such as Hagia Sophia. It’s easy to get around within the city, with buses running from around 6am to 10pm, and metro and tram systems operating past midnight.

The hotel is based close to Cagaloglu in Istanbul, and consists of 16 rooms with ottoman decor. Set in the heart of Istanbul, the property offers 117 rooms overlooking the city. Placed in Old City Sultanahmet district next to Taksim Square, the hotel provides comfortable rooms and a magnificent view.

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