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Nowadays, many residence projects are consumed at the off-plan phase. That’s why the market also starts to seem attractive from all over the world. Especially Istanbul real estate is seen as a profitable market for both local and foreign nationals.
turkish citizenship
Obtaining citizenship by property investment, a foreigner receives all the rights and opportunities of people who have Turkish citizenship upon birth. A foreigner who has vatandaşlık can legally find a job in Turkey, having an advantage over non-residents and gaining the right to work in the police, army structures, government agencies. As a citizen of the Republic, you get a full benefits package, health and social security .


It is known that India is not one of the US E-2 Visa Treaty Countries. So Indian investors, besides citizens of other countries such as China, have increasingly searched for citizenship of a country has an agreement with the United States to be able to apply for E2 visa that allows them to establish a business there. Upon approval of the residence permit, the appointment for citizenship application can immediately be requested without need to waiting for the issuance or delivery of the residence permit card. The appointment is scheduled approximately for 15 days from the date of request. Similar to the application for residence permit, the filing of citizenship application can be made by a lawyer or an authorised representative without the presence of the investor. On 19 September 2018, to further capture the interest of foreign investors, the investment thresholds have been substantially lowered by the government, enabling investors and their families to acquire Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD by investing as low as USD 250,000.
turkish citizenship
At the time, he had no legal representation, and was compelled to hire a lawyer the same day. His lawyer applied for a copy of his case Turkish resident permit file on January 19 and received the file shortly after. Hearings were held on January 19, February 2, February 17, and March 4.

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Once granted a positive response from PDPC, they should then apply to the Land Registry Directorate. A natural or legal person intending to acquire real estate in Turkey is required to apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre together with the owner of the property. In addition, they may call the Alo 181 Call Center, offering service around the clock, or visit randevu.tkgm.gov.tr to make an appointment without having to visit the directorates’ offices in person. Once all application documents have been prepared , the investment can be completed and the documents submitted to the government. Once the application has been received by the government, the review process will begin and an interview may be requested. Applications are typically approved within 120 days, following which the citizenship documents are issued.
turkish citizenship
The content of the power of attorney to be issued has been carefully arranged by lawyers. The draft prepared by the lawyers is sent to the applicant and his spouse. The said power of attorney must be signed by both the applicant and his spouse. In order to process with power of attorney in all Land Registry directorates in Turkey, the power of attorney must be “statutory form of power of attorney”.

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Let’s assume that you get sick outside of Turkey and lack the necessary health facilities. The Turkish Ministry of Health brings you to Turkey with 25 ambulance planes suitable for long and uninterrupted flights for such situations. When the Turkish citizen patient, who was left to die by doctors in the Netherlands, calls the consulate, he knows that he will be taken from the hospital by ambulance helicopter and brought to Turkey by ambulance plane, and he will receive the best health care.

Also, the real estate should not have been purchased before January 12, 2017 by the foreigner himself, foreigner’s spouse or children. The transfer of the sale price should be realized through banks and should be supported by bank approved receipts when the price is deducted from the buyer account and deposited in the seller’s account . Prepare residency application documents for Client, his wife and children. However, if you like to come and get it done in Istanbul one of our English-speaking Turkish lawyers will help the you to get fingerprints and apply for Turkish ID card and passport. However, please be aware that you would not be eligible to qualify for Turkish citizenship until you have fully paid off your mortgage. If you can acquire financing from overseas to pay for your property, you would then be deemed as eligible for Turkish citizenship, so long as the property has been paid for in full.

Main Applicant Requirements

The marriage with a Turkish citizen does not directly give the right to acquire to a foreigner. The foreigners who have been married a Turkish citizen for at least three years have the right to apply to acquire Turkish citizenship. The applicants must provide the conditions of to live in unity of family and to avoid acts which do not comply with the union of marriage. Furthermore, the applicants shall not pose a threat to national security and public order. Accordingly, foreigners who satisfy at least one of the below-noted investment requirements may be granted a citizenship, subject to the approval and an administrative decision of the President. All foreigners who are allowed to buy property in Turkey by Turkish law, may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.
turkish citizenship
The other condition is to attach an annotation of no-sale for at least three years. For 3 years, the real estate in question must remain registered on behalf of the main applicant, not be sold or transferred in any form. The nature of the real estate in question may be residential, land, workplace and similar. One of the numerous opportunities it offers for Turkish citizens is deposit insurance.

Investors can benefit from rental income and may re-sell after 3 years. The program offers simplified routes to relocating to both the UK and USA under respective visa categories available for Turkish nationals. Investors may relocate to the UK through the Turkish Businessperson Visa and start the journey to British Citizenship. Additionally, there is an option to reside in the US as an E-2 Investor.
turkish citizenship
Although Ankara is its capital, the leading global city of Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and is its main commercial and cultural center. We will develop an individual solution, select the country and status, who will solve your problems, we will accompany the whole process. Turkish legislation allows foreigners to obtain citizenship without renouncing theirs. If you live outside of the country of citizenship for more than 183 days a year, then you cease to be its resident.

Turkish Passport Requirements

The embassy can also answer any questions you have about deferment or exemption fees for Turkish compulsory military service. The intellectual property rights of the logo, visuals and designs contained in the Odea Bank A.Ş. It is strictly forbidden to use, publish or distribute them without the permission of Odea Bank A.Ş. For the process, customer must fill and sign a declaration about keeping the deposit amount in the bank for three years and authorizing the bank to inform Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency about current balance and any fluctuations in the amount. Applicant’s spouse and children who are less than 18 years old will also be granted with resident permit turkey. The investors who meet one of the criteria mentioned above will be granted Turkish citizenship as an exception by the decision of the President.

Personally, I believe there are pockets of fantastic value to be found in secondary market real estate in central Istanbul. Real estate a few streets down from prime areas can be had for about $1000 per m2, which is a steal. If you buy such units, and get them renovated, you can get gross yields of 5%-6%. The Turkish government advise that your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date you enter Turkey and that there is a full blank page for the entry and exit stamps.

Moreover, if investors choose to invest in a Turkish real estate property, they will be able to collect rental returns. You only have to visit Turkey 01 time during this process, and that is after your application is approved and you are ready to receive your passport and identification card. Your spouse and children, who are under 18 years old are allowed to submit an application for Turkish Citizenship basing on your investment at the same time as you.
turkish citizenship
Of course, a Turkish citizen to travel to another country or someone who acquired Turkish citizenship through investment. After becoming a Turkish citizen, all Turkish citizens are the same. He can travel to many countries without a passport with only his ID.
turkish citizenship
It is important to realize, however, that the application process can be fast only if you prepare all the supporting documents in advance. Applicants can choose whether to make a $250,000 USD investment in real estate or maintain a balance of at least $500,000 USD with a Turkish bank. Both the real estate investment and the bank deposit must be maintained for at least three years. Applicants are able to earn rental income or interest on their investment over this period.

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