What Conditions Must Be Met By The Main Applicant For Turkish Immigration?

Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

Real Estate Valuation Report For Turkish Citizenship

When you bring your documents to the governmental hall, you will be provided with application forms. Your documents and applications will be forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior for evaluation once you have completed the required paperwork and paid an application fee. The Turkish Consulate General will inform you by mail of the results. Applicants need to bring the following documents to a local government office to apply for Turkish Citizenship. Realista Turkey is an Istanbul based real estate company that understands the expectations of investors and produces tailor-made solutions with more than 15 years of experience. Görkem CAN is a professional writer who likes to write about real estate trends for investors.
Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD
Helping you to open a free of a charge Bank account with Tax number to complete the deal. Making the real estate evaluation with the most guaranteed and approved companies. The process time of achieving resident permit turkey the Citizenship in addition to Turkish Passport will not take more than 3 months. Turkey is a Eurasian country of 79 million people that borders eight countries including Georgia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Iraqi Investors Purchased 1 Out Of 5 Houses

Not doing due diligence before investing often leads to a legal dispute that, more often than not, costs the investor huge losses. Therefore investors who are interested in the Turkish CBI program are highly recommended to obtain the services of an investment lawyer. Obtain the documents required for the residence permit as set out in of Article 31 of the Law 6458.
Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD
­ Those confirmed by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance that they have purchased public borrowings instruments of at least 500,000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira worth on the condition of holding it for a period of 3 years. Foreign Investors who do not work in Turkey but will invest in the amount and to the extent determined by the presidency, and their spouses and children under the age of 18 may gain Turkish citizenship as an exception. The Application and principles for foreign investors to gain Turkish citizenship were determined in the “Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law” published in the Official Gazette on 12 January 2017, . According to the Turkish citizenship law, the US dollar limit required for foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship has been reduced. About 15 days after the purchase, the title deed gives you “uygunluk belgesi” which allows you to apply “yatırımcı ikamet belgesi” , just after the latter, you can apply for the appointment of Turkish citizenship. The application rendez-vous might be given after about 15 days.

Possibility Of Transition To Turkish Citizenship With Real Estate Purchase

Citizenship applications can only be made with the properties purchased after the date of 20th September 2018. You can submit your application by declaring the total value of all the real estates you receive. Open a private bank account in a Turkish bank, to use it for money transferring to OWNER OF PROPERTY ACCOUNT. Becoming a Turkish citizen, you have the same rights as any other Turkish people, the right to vote, work and get a health and pension benefits. Yes, Summer Home can help you if you will send the power of attorney, we will follow up all process from the begin until the end for you.
Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD
The real estate must be registered to the natural person, who is to file the application. For real estates owned by public institutions and enterprises, such as toki̇ and emlak konut, the transfer/payment of the price may also be evidenced by a certified bank receipt or official letter showing the amount received. It must be deposited to the bank account of the seller or the law firm istanbul seller’s authorized representative through such means as money transfer, eft etc. By the purchaser or the purchaser’s authorized representative and must be documented. Citizenship is the political and legal link that connects the person to the state. A foreigner is a person who is in the country of a state and does not have the right to claim the citizenship of that state.

Benefits Of The Turkey Citizenship

Take our advice – Invest in real estate to get your Turkish passport. And we’re not just saying that because it’s the lowest amount of money that it takes to participate in Turkey’s CBI program. You’ll probably need some legal guidance and advice on navigating the world of business in Turkey. Plus, setting up a company, running a payroll and all that comes with its own costs.

Their lists will depend on the investment option that you have chosen. In any case, the application document collecting should be done with care as an incomplete package of application documents may lead to the rejection of the application for citizenship of Turkey by investment. Today, many foreign investors around the world are informed about the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship for free when buying a property or a group of properties worth 250 thousand dollars. Today we will talk about the beginning of this law, what are its conditions, how to apply for Turkish citizenship, and we will also discuss some ideas for successful real estate investment projects.

What Is The Timescale For This?

As the list of authorized bodies includes Turkish embassies and consulates, de jure, you do not have to visit Turkey to submit the application for citizenship of the country. Purchase of real property in Turkey that is worth at least US$ 250,000 . The property shall remain in the foreign investor’s possession for three years and besides, the purchase has to be approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency is authorized for determination in the evaluation of people who deposit at least 500,000 USD worth of deposits in banks located in Turkey. Yes, foreigners who own properties with a total value of more than $ 250,000 are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. All immovables properties, like apartment, villa, land, hotels, farms… etc. are eligible for citizenship according to this regulation.
Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD
Investors can immediately apply for citizenship once the residence permit is granted. No physical presence or interview is needed during the application process. It can be said that the general purposes of all citizenship programmes in the world are similar. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to say that the results of citizenship programmes where the objectives are similar are the same in every country. Because even the traditional meaning attached to the word “citizenship” differs in each country.

Process Of Obtaining The Turkish Citizenship By Investment

It is guaranteed by the government and we have succeeded in all our applications which is more than 100. You don’t need to prepare any document or pay the tax for the transfer of your money. You only need to pay tax for the obtained interest which is %18 and deducted automatically by the bank at the obtained interest date. ​We can represent you and handle whole procedure with Power of Attorney, so you don’t need to come to Turkey to transfer money to foreign countries.
Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD
We’ll give you all the information you need in a free online consultation. At the end of the purchasing and getting the tittle deed, the citizenship applicants commit not to sell the property at least 3 years. When our clients want to gain Turkish citizenship with using this method, at first we learn some of the essential informations from clients. After we work permit turkey learn what we have to know, we are starting to search for the best property options for our clients. If the clients already have a property in their mind, our team of lawyers search if there is any prevention to buy this property. When there are no preventions or all the preventions are overcome we are getting start for the property purchasing process.

You need to be a legal resident at the time when you start the application process for your citizenship. So, you must obtain a residence permit after you’ve made your investment to be considered for a Turkish passport. From obtaining residence permit in Turkey to obtaining of work permit, from establishment of foreign direct investment company to citizenship transactions, Arizon Yapi offers wide range of services for the foreign investors. Turkey, with arrangements made in the citizenship law, which at least 250,000 US dollars in real estate investment and property holding at least 3 years hands, minimal foreign nationals who continue to make financial investments to obtain Turkish citizenship. After the mandatory investment processes are finalized citizenship applications may start.

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