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Palestinians bought 297 housing units in the first quarter, a surge of nearly 300 percent from a year earlier. “The Turkish government has made it very easy to come and invest in Turkey. But getting a Turkish passport is more important for me, especially when travelling abroad and doing business,” said an Iranian named Hossein who was considering buying an apartment in Esenyurt district on Istanbul’s outskirts.

The purchased real estate must not be solid for the next three years and needs to be annotated for that in title deed. Arrange a visit to Turkey to acquire a property for a minimum amount of at least US$ 250,000 plus the applicable taxes. An investment in property with a minimum value of US$ 250,000 plus the applicable taxes. Turkey recognizes dual citizenship, regardless of the number of “second civil passports” that a foreign applicant has. In the absence of such permission, the purchase and sale transaction will not be recognized as legal and may entail high penalties which is undesirable. The presence of a building permit , registration with the Cadastral Service, as well as other documents confirming the legitimacy and accuracy of the developer’s certification process.

How Are Progressing Methods For Obtaining Citizenship Through Investment In Turkey?

You must also open a bank account if you want to purchase a property in Turkey. Here’s what you need to do to get a Turkish citizenship by investment. And for the sake of illustrating the process, we’re just going to assume you’re going the real estate route . If you prefer not to get tied up in real estate or setting up a boots-on-the-ground business, there are multiple ways you can make a capital investment to obtain citizenship in Turkey. ​​In Turkey, only trading companies established according to the laws of their respective countries and having legal personality may acquire real estate and limited rights in rem as foreign legal persons.
turkish citizenship by investment
Antalya has seen the largest growth, with real estate up 57% on an annual basis, while Izmir, Gaziantep and Diyarbakir have also seen a notable jump of 39%. Although Bursa has seen the lowest annual increase, real estate values have still climbed 24% annually. In fact, the Turkish real estate market has exploded over the last year alone, with house prices climbing 36% and averaging 15% over the last three years. But Turkey is about to get even more desirable from an investment standpoint with the Turkish Government continuing on their mission to secure EU status, but first setting their sights on 90-day visa-free access to the Schengen Zone. Having fulfilled the obligations set in 2016 to do so, it seems that the country is now within grasp of achieving this.

Advantages Of Getting Turkish Citizenship By Investment Are:

The Turkish citizenship-by-investment program is one of the most versatile migration programs in existence. The route to acquiring citizenship has low entry investment options for the entire family, featuring a fast-tracked and straightforward application process. Turkey is a safe haven for Middle East investors and offers an attractive sociopolitical climate, apart from the business point of view. The program is redesigned to tackle the oversupply of the property development market and promote real estate in the country while providing Investors from the Gulf nation with ample freedom of movement and business expansion opportunities. The Turkey Citizenship by Investment program or the Turkish Citizenship Code , with various options, attract individual entrepreneurs and families to settle and establish their businesses in the country. Being expert immigration consultants we continuously work towards providing several options for obtaining citizenship through investment.
turkish citizenship by investment
Turkish laws have no provisions requiring citizens who are born with dual nationality to choose one nationality over the other when they become adults. Turkish nationality law is based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis. Children who are born to a Turkish mother or a Turkish father are Turkish citizens from birth. The intention to renounce Turkish citizenship is submitted in Turkey by a petition to the highest administrative official in the concerned person’s place of residence, and when overseas to the Turkish consulate. Documents processed by these authorities are forwarded to the Ministry of Interior for appropriate action. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program is certainly worth looking into especially after all the appealing changes they have made to the program.

You are allowed to buy several properties which have total value more than $250,000. Tapu office accepts citizenship applications if the declared values are above $250,000. Commit at least $500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira into government bonds.

The Government of Turkey published amended citizenship regulations reducing the investment amounts to foster foreign direct investment in official gazette dated 18 Sep 2018. According to the new amendments, foreigners buying real estate or invest in any of the following options will be eligible for turkish citizenship by investment. One of the primary benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship, and why the programme has been so successful and popular to date, are the countless opportunities to access other countries. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment programme is a great choice for foreign investors who want a direct route to relocate to the United States.

One can also use Turkey’s base to expand business in middle-east, countries in the Russian bloc, and Japan. By becoming a Turkey citizen by investment, you can enjoy visa-free travel to 110 countries across Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Turkish Citizens can move to the USA through the E-2 Visa by making a substantial capital investment in a commercial U.S. enterprise. Turkey offers investors speed which is a vital commodity in today’s world, providing a fast route to obtain alternative citizenship in just two months. Wealthy Afghans seeking a safe haven for themselves and their families started buying houses in Turkey in 2014.

Analysis of legal compliance and risk you want to buy or sell real estate. The most accurate determination of the real estate according to your needs and your investment decisions, preparation of options. Becoming a Turkish citizen, you have the same rights as any other Turkish people, the right to vote, work and get a health and pension benefits. Ministry will have to make sure that the value of real estate is minumun $250,000. Property valuation companies verify the correct price in order to prevent from price fraud. We, as Summer Home, guarantee you the right price of the property on you appraisal report.

The bank deposit option decreased by 2,5 million US dollars from three million to half a million USD. The Turkish legislators also cut the cost for the capital investment option to 500,000 USD from two million. Meanwhile, the number of employed people became fifty, from the original 100. Foreign investors are given short-term residence permit, foreigners who own real estate in Turkey or intend to establish a business or business connections in Turkey. A residence permit is invalidated if it is not used within six months.
turkish citizenship by investment
Providing detailed legal guidance, assistance and consultancy during the investment, depending on the type of investment. Finding the real estates that are fitting your preferences via our real estate agency partners. The country’s most populous city, Istanbul (the country’s business and cultural centre), has consistently been the top choice for foreign buyers, followed by Antalya Turkish work permit and then Ankara . A passport will be issued within 60 days and applicants can enjoy all the benefits that come with Turkish citizenship. A strong tourist market along with local demand for city properties has seen an influx of foreign buyers coming into the market. Our focus has been on beach resorts and Istanbul which is where we believe there is the strongest demand.

Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

With its warm climate and geographical location, Turkey continues to be an everlasting center of attention and is considered an attractive destination to obtain residency or citizenship. Holding a Turkish passport grants various benefits including visa free travel to over 100 countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and others. The majority of them are ethnically Turkish – 70 to 75% of the population.The official language of Turkey is Turkish, which is the most widely-spoken of the languages in the Turkic family, part of the larger Altaic linguistic group. It is related to Central Asian languages such as Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, etc.Turkey has a total area of 783,562 square kilometers . It is also a key distribution point for Middle Eastern and Central Asia oil and natural gas moving to Europe and to ports for export overseas.Turkey’s coasts have a mild Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and rainy winters. Government Processing expenses and Due Diligence fees, when adding family members to the citizenship application file, are virtually non-existent, and thus this program is the least side-expenses at all in the world.
turkish citizenship by investment
Please send your questions and comments to us info -at- Portugal’s Golden Visa program is one of the most popular residence schemes in the world which will allow you to work, travel and study freely in Portugal and Europe. By investing in real estate you have the opportunity to become a permanent resident or a citizen in Portugal in five years. Investing in another country also makes sense if you wish to expand your market to include the host country.
turkish citizenship by investment
When you tell us the type of land you are looking for and your preferred region, we will prepare a portfolio of selected Lands, based on your requirements. Once you have completed your land investment, you will be entitled to apply for Turkish Citizenship. Turkish citizenship offers simplified routes to relocating to both the UK and the USA under respective visa categories available for Turkish nationals.

There are multiple property taxes you’ll need to pay if you invest in real estate in Turkey. The purchasing tax, or title deed tax, is a rather substantial 4% of its sale price. Normally it’s split with half paid by the buyer while the seller pays the remaining 2%. Note that the investment required for those two options is US$500,000 which is double the amount required as a real estate investor. While not all Asian countries allow foreigners to own property on their soil, foreigners can buy land, condos, and other types of real estate in Turkey on a freehold basis.
turkish citizenship by investment
Turkey welcomes foreign investors to apply for citizenship by investment program. With the recent changes in the legislation Turkish Republic started to grant citizenship to individuals who invest in Turkey without a minimum residence requirement. The citizenship opportunity has become even more attractive as the minimum investment figures have been further reduced in 2018 and the whole process is usually completed within months. Here you can read and find out everything you need to know about how to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, costs, tips, advice. There are several options to get Turkish residency and citizenship for foreign nationals and get a Turkish passport.

He’s an international stock trader and property investor based in Thailand, Cambodia, and several other places. Reid manages the world’s first and only frontier market real estate fund and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Property Report, the South China Morning Post, and Seeking Alpha. Regardless, Turkey offers one of the most attractive citizenship by investment programs in the region. Don’t let us stop you if your goal is buying a second home or obtaining another passport. You do not have to have lived constantly in Turkey for a certain period to become eligible for citizenship.

Foreign investors $ 500,000 capital investment in exchange for free or performing currency or TL able to gain Turkish citizenship. With an investment should be made to apply for the certificate of conformity must be taken in order to gain Turkish citizenship. Industry and Technology Ministry for Foreign Investors conformity certificate and will be applied to Capital General Directorate of Incentives and Implementation. As it is known, the preliminary real estate sale contracts are considered as eligible investments for the Turkish citizen application. Such contracts are made for the real estate projects under construction which cannot be subject to the sale contracts yet. It normally does not harm the citizenship procedures which the foreign investor accomplished.

As a citizen of Turkey, you will be able to travel visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival to over 110 countries and territories in the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Brazil. To be able to apply for this program, you should be at least 18 years of age, in good health, and without a criminal record. Investors who acquired Turkish citizenship can also invite their relatives via visa invitation letters. If the real estate is leased also annually a real estate income tax is payed.
turkish citizenship by investment
Also, a project owner or company who can provide job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens, is entitled to apply for the Turkish citizenship; Knowing that previously the required number was 100 job opportunities. By opening private offices, the foreign citizens who apply for Turkish citizenship will be attended in one-to-one manner and the transactions will be done as soon as possible. The follow-up of these offices and the process will be followed by the commission formed by the Ministry of Interior. If the outcome of the archive research proves that the applicant poses no threat to national security or public order, the application file is approved and the citizenship is granted by the Presidency.
turkish citizenship by investment
In this case, depending on the condition of five years uninterrupted residing in Turkey right back the date of application; citizenship applications can be made. In my opinion, it’s more reasonable to apply for citizenship with real estate investment for the family in order not to waste time. It takes, on average, two to three months from finding a property suitable for investment to obtaining a Turkish passport. In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions, it may take up to six months. In the first week or two, a potential investor will be tested for compliance with the criteria of the program “Turkish Citizenship by buying real estate”. It will take another couple of weeks to find and book a property in Turkey suitable for investment, as well as to conduct a sale transaction.

4- If parents are divorced, deed of consent from mother/father for their common children to obtain Turkish Citizenship and marriage and divorce certificates of parents. Even if Turkish citizens are not subject to any type of retirement, they are considered retired over the age of 60. There are different insurance systems for civil servants, workers and employers. Optional retirement is offered by joining any of these or other than these. If you die after you retire or before you retire, your sons will receive your pension throughout your spouse’s education life.
turkish citizenship by investment
Natural persons of foreign origin may not acquire and lease real estate within prohibited military zones or military security zones. However, they may acquire and lease real estate within special security zones upon permission of the governor’s office. If the real estate acquired does not include any previously built construction, the owner of the foreign origin is to apply to the relevant public administration within two years in order to develop a p​roject. Inquiries about properties may be made online at, where specific details of the city, district, quarter/village, map section, and plot may be used to look up the property.
turkish citizenship by investment
It also allows obtaining a non-immigration E-2 visa to the United States. The Turkish passport gives visa-free access to a large number of foreign states. You can return your investments after three years while retaining citizenship of the country.

A large part of Turkey’s charm lies in its architectural landmarks, impressive classical cities and fortresses located on hilltops. Additionally, it possesses elegant Islamic headstones and fascinating city bazaars, alongside well-known chain stores and shopping malls. With a population of 79 million people, Turkey is a popular destination for leisure and business. The country’s performance over the decades has brought macroeconomic stability and increased employment and income. Citizenship in Turkey is an attractive prospect for Middle Eastern investors, granting holders visa-free access to 111 countries around the world as well as access to free education and free healthcare. And the average cost of properties in Turkey purchased by foreigners in 2020 is 875,000 TL (about $ 113,000).

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