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Citizenship By Investment

Holding a tourist passport grants visa-free travel to more than 100 countries including Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Your first impression might be that purchasing real estate in Turkey is a good deal. Despite low prices and relatively high rental yields around the 5% range, there’s large degree of risk though.
turkish citizenship by investment
In this sense, the 3-year period does not constitute a precondition to gain eligibility for citizenship application. Instead, failure to observe this period constitutes a ground for revocation of citizenship. As part of this policy, the reciprocity requirement, which forbids real property acquisition by citizens of countries that do not allow Turkish citizens to acquire property in those countries, was abolished in March 2012. A year later, a complete-new law on migration of foreigners was enacted, bringing important novelties concerning residence permits which streamline procedures for relocating to Turkey. One of the 3 investment options is property acquisition from $250,000.

Employment Investment In Turkey With Citizenship

The programme offers such a possibility to apply for your spouse besides your children under 18 years old. Staying in the country for a certain period is not stated by the law. Paid price for a property should be transferred directly from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account by a bank transfer. Bank receipts will be a buyer’s prove on this phase that shows the transaction of money between buyer and seller. Moreover, any other third person should not be involved in the transaction process.

The Cabinet of Ministers may grant larger areas if deemed appropriate. If granted permission, natural persons of foreign origin may acquire any real estate in areas where private property is allowed (residential, commercial, land lot, agricultural etc.). Article 35 of Law No. 2644 on Land Registry sets out provisions on the acquisition of real estate by foreign natural and legal persons. Qatari citizens voted for the first time in elections on Saturday for an advisory council, a process that has prompted domestic debate about electoral inclusion and citizenship. Secondly, the cost of energy here in our Region is amongst the highest on the planet.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment Consists Of Three Stages:

The data belongs to the owner of Turkey’s largest real estate website. You immediately receive your new ID and passport, and this applies to your entire family. No, we are making you a Turkish citizen through investment, before you even step foot in Turkey. After completing your transactions, we will inform you from the nearest Turkish consulate on which day and at what time you and your family will receive your ID and passport. The network of the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey is very extensive. Turkish Consulates in 180 countries around the world are ready to serve you.
turkish citizenship by investment
Children from other marriages and also adopted children can also be the subject for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. Experienced lawyers prevent you from losing time by directing you right. Without being in Turkey, you can handle your transactions with the power of attorney that you will give to a lawyer.

My Turkish Passport company is a trendsetting firm in the arena of citizenship by investment and residency by investment solutions domiciled in Istanbul. Thanks to our know-how reservoir and 15 years’ experience in the sector, we are facilitating your investments in real estate within Turkey. The minimum necessary investment to qualify for the Turkish citizenship by investment program decreased to 250,000 USD from the initial one million US dollars. Moreover, the Turkish programme offers various investment options, including bank deposits, capital investments and job creation. First you need to gather the relevant documents which normally takes 3-4 days.
turkish citizenship by investment
Due to the devaluation of the Turkish currency, the government decided to lower the investment thresholds to make these investments more viable. Yes, however new citizens should maintain their investment for a period of 3 years before selling in order to keep their Turkish citizenship rights. Once you have identified your investment, you will be required to deposit the funds for your investment, finalize the sale and register your property. Our lawyers will assist you to open a local bank account in Turkey and apply for your Tax ID. No, residency on the E2 visa does not lead to citizenship or a Green Card in the US. Clients interested in obtaining a Green Card in the US should consider the EB5 Investor visa instead.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkey Immigration Investment

A foreign applicant obtains citizenship for investment, bypassing the minimum five-year term of temporary residence in the country, which is usually required in the case of other visa programs in Turkey. Also, you do not need to know the Turkish language, even at a minimum level. The Turkish passport via investment in real estate is now added as a supplement in the package alongside a residence permit to European countries. Considering the recent framework changes, foreigners shall be eligible to apply for a Turkish citizenship with one of the investment options noted above, with the real estate purchase being the quickest and cheapest option.

After submitting required documentation and completing the interview; the Migration Authority issues a special type of residency permit, approximately in 2 weeks. You are free to work in Turkey without requiring a work permit, you are also entitled to low cost healthcare and insurance, can vote in national elections, have access to state pensions and apply for loans. Full citizenship granted to the applicant their spouse and family members under the age of 18. Deposit USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira in banks operating in Turkey with the condition not to withdraw the same for at least three years, as attested by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. Investors are able to acquire a single property or several properties, as long as the total amount meets the USD 250,000 requirement. After 3 years the property can be sold without affecting the citizenship status of the investor.

The main applicant can make all the transactions from the bank account after bank account opening. It is possible to say that the basic basis of citizenship law is national law. In the matter of immigration law, it is also referred to national law. This feature that comes with birth can change at the request of the individuals. Citizenship and immigration law is a legal system that regulates issues related to citizenship of individuals.
turkish citizenship by investment
Turkey also benefits from the citizenship by investment program as it boosts investment in the economy and shores up the lira. It is therefore, a win-win situation for both Turkey and the applicant. This means that once the applicant becomes a citizen of Turkey, he can apply for US residency through the E-2 visa program.

Fast Citizenship Application Processing

This can offer many advantages to buyers, including the right to a second passport, for both you and your immediate family members, plus of course having the same benefits/advantages of Turkish citizens if you plan to reside here permanently. Our team of immigration consultants will guide you with entire process of visa application. One the property has been selected our qualified immigration consultants and lawyers will take care of the application process, legal work, paper work and conveyancing without the client’s need to visit the country. Most newly built Istanbul properties (over 90% of new properties registered after September 2018) are eligible for Turkish citizenship. These newly built apartments that are part of residential estates with extensive communal facilities are pre-approved for Turkish citizenship by investment by local council offices.

FAST PROCESSING TIMES Passport and citizenship can typically be obtained within months. The Turkish Rivera has a number of beach resorts where you will see a lot of tourists in the summer months. Other tourists like to take in the history and heritage od the country. Become Global Citizen is well-known global company brand of professional team providing Residency, Citizenship by Investment, Investment Planning, Financial Planning and Tax Consulting services since 2015 with global offices.
turkish citizenship by investment
Antigua and Barbuda is known for the ease of access due to their international airport that serves as a terminal hub linking to other countries. Saint Lucia has established the Citizenship program in 2016, after inheriting years of experiences from the other Caribbean countries. Entrepreneurs can also secure a Turkish passport by setting up a company and creating at least 50 jobs under the guidance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Dependent children over the age of 18 only obtain Turkish citizenship if they have a disability or require care. We can advise on new company and business formations in Turkey and related matters.
turkish citizenship by investment
However, it does not benefit from visa-free travel to the Schengen areas. Wealthy Indians are also looking at the increased mobility a UK visa can provide and the added option to settle anywhere in EU. It is important to take note that Turkey has been considering raising its minimum investment threshold from USD 250,000 to USD 500,000, so it is worth taking advantage of the low rate while it is still available. This quickly turned the program into one of the most attractive CBI programs in the world, and the number of applicants skyrocketed. Since the threshold was lowered, an average of 800 applicants a month are approved for economic citizenship in Turkey.

Applications for residence permits from outside Turkey are made to the Turkish consulates in the countries where the foreigner is a citizen or legally residing. As can be seen, not everyone who invests can acquire citizenship through investment. These investments must bear certain characteristics or exceed certain monetary amounts.

Also, not many will be giving up their western citizenship only to become Turkish. It is, however, a good passport to use as part of a passport portfolio or with my “Belt and Suspenders” strategy. Turkey’s passport just doesn’t compare to many of the other passports from jurisdictions that offer CBI, e.g. countries in the Caribbean. You can also apply on the basis of descent and special circumstances, but the process is extremely long and demanding. There are alternative ways to obtain a Turkish citizenship if the investment route isn’t what you’re looking for. Normally, this will be issued on the day of your application, making it one of the speediest residence processes we’ve seen in the world.
turkish citizenship by investment
Whether you’re already looking for a house for sale in Turkey to get your 2nd passport or if you’re considering your options, you’ve no doubt got a myriad of questions. We’ve pulled together the most common questions about how to get a Turkish passport through investment to provide you with all the information you need. Sultanbeyli is on the outskirts of Istanbul, sitting on the Asian side of the region. It’s one of the cheaper areas in the city to purchase property, making it a suitable choice if you don’t intend to live in Turkey after getting your second passport. There are six locations in Turkey that you should consider when choosing where to purchase your investment property.
turkish citizenship by investment
Some 2,700 foreign investors wishing to become Turkish citizens have made investments totaling approximately $1 billion. Accordingly, 981 of these investors have been entitled to become Turkish citizens since the publication of the regulatory changes in the Official Gazette. Foreigners who invest $500,000 in Turkey, deposit $500,000 in Turkish banks or buy real estate worth $250,000 acquire the right of lifetime citizenship. He also said that foreigners should cooperate with a local expert and trusted partners as the application process is “sensitive”. The Interior Ministry responds to the citizenship application in 45 days if the documents are complete, Atalay said. Atalay said people from Arabic countries, Iran and Turkic republics show the most interest in buying real estate in Turkey, and underlined that there is also heavy demand from European countries, “contrary to popular belief”.

The Turkish Government introduced a landmark Citizenship by Investment Program to promote foreign investment and investors don’t have to live in Turkey to acquire Citizenship. This real estate acquisition may be limited to a single property or include multiple properties. You can apply as soon as the property is purchased, and no interview, education or management experience is required. Mann’s Solutions is an international immigration law firm with offices in London, Hong Kong, and Moscow and has expertise in offering UK Visas and Immigration by Investment services to high net worth individuals. Furthermore, you are not required to renounce the citizenship of your current country of residence.

The whole procedure takes from 3-6 months, requires minimal documentation, and investors are allowed to add their spouse and children below 18 to the application. As a Turkish citizen, you will be able to apply for the E-2 investor visa for the United States. In addition, you are required to maintain your real estate purchase for a holding period of 3 years. Yes, for example, if the applicant has a dependent family member, he/she can also apply for this member in order to get Turkish citizenship. One of the necessary methods for a foreign real person to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing is to purchase Real Estate.
turkish citizenship by investment
If the property address is your residential address, then it will need to be changed after the sale. If you are not settled in Turkey with no permanent address, then no address needs to be changed upon the sale of the property. Children of investors, which are over 18 years old are not eligible resident permit turkey for the application even if they are financially dependent on their parents. Turkish passport holders have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 110 destinations. This 120 m2 spacious commercial property is suitable for Turkish CItizenship with good investment potential in Istanbul.

The residence permit cards are mailed to the residence address of the foreigner in Turkey, which is specified in the online application, within 2-4 weeks. Foreigners shall deposit a minimum of $500,000 or equivalent amount in foreign currency or Turkish Liras to banks that operate in Turkey with the condition to keep such deposit at such bank for at least three years. The amount shall be convertible and shall be equivalent to $500,000.-. Previously, the sale price of the real estate indicated in the official deed shall not be less than the amount which is stated in the real estate appraisal report.
turkish citizenship by investment
As for the January-May period, purchases by foreign residents surged significantly, from 9,756 to 17,263, an increase of 77 percent, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute . Earlier, foreigners acquired some 3,168 units in January, 3,321 units in February, 3,129 units in March and 3,720 units in April, a year-on-year increase of 81.9 percent, 92.1 percent, 71.3 percent and 82.1 percent, respectively. Moreover, some 39,663 properties were sold to foreign investors last year, the highest number ever.
turkish citizenship by investment

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