How To Get A Turkish Citizenship By Investment

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981 Foreign Investors Granted Turkish Citizenship Since Legislative Change

Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean with a Citizenship By Investment Program that has an E2 Treaty with the USA. This makes the program unique as it offers investors from countries that do not have an existing E2 Treaty a potential route to residency in the USA. Commencing the application process before Migration Authority for the J type residency permit due to Law No. 6458.

To facilitate the property investment for our Clients, we have set a special real estate department working internally with our firm. Once we start working for your citizenship case; our real estate tam will present you several new, luxurious, and high end approved properties available to proceed and in line with the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program rules. We work with financially strong developers only to make sure our clients’ investments will be on the safer side.

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After applying for the Turkish Citizenship By Investment program, as soon as you become a citizen you are entitled to apply for the E2 Investor Visa. Under the Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program, applicants who invest at minimum of $500,000 USD into a Turkish corporate entity are eligible to apply for citizenship in Turkey. Investors can become apply for Turkish citizenship under the CBI Program after making an investment of at least $500,000 into a Turkish Real Estate Trust Fund. Investors can qualify for citizenship in Turkey by making an investment of $500,000 USD in Turkish Government Bonds.
turkish citizenship by investment
If you qualify all the basic requirements and eligibility criteria of the program and agree to make the mandatory investment, let us help you prepare your application and take the procedure forward. Foreign investors who meet any of the above-mentioned investment options and provide mentioned documents and satisfy all requirements can obtain Turkish Citizenship. Throughout 2019, Turkey’s program for citizenship through venture investment has every opportunity of becoming one of the most sought-after choices in the Investment Migration industry. The Turkish Statistics Office said the foreign investors are primarily from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Program Benefits

The Cabinet of Ministers may grant larger areas if deemed appropriate. If granted permission, natural persons of foreign origin may acquire any real estate in areas where private property is allowed (residential, commercial, land lot, agricultural etc.). Article 35 of Law No. 2644 on Land Registry sets out provisions on the acquisition of real estate by foreign natural and legal persons. Qatari citizens voted for the first time in elections on Saturday for an advisory council, a process that has prompted domestic debate about electoral inclusion and citizenship. Secondly, the cost of energy here in our Region is amongst the highest on the planet.

If your aim is to obtain Turkish citizenship, then you must hold your real estate for at least three years. Expect to receive your Turkish passport, valid for ten years, within three to four months from the date you lodge your application. Along with a E-2 Visa treaty with the United States, with Turkish citizenship, you can apply for the E2 Visa USA, and unlock visa free travel to over a 120 destinations worldwide.

Real Estate Valuation

The most cost-effective option for investors to qualify for the Turkish citizenship program is to buy property in the country for a minimum value of $250,000. After 3 years from acquiring citizenship investors can re-sell their property. Other alternative investment options include a business set-up as well as cash deposit. All foreigners who are allowed to buy property in Turkey by Turkish law may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment. All foreigners who are allowed to buy property in Turkey by Turkish law, may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

An account should be opened in a Turkish bank in the name of the investor. Those who deposit at least $500,000 as capital investments in Turkish banks can obtain the citizenship. Thus, they become Turkish citizens by a decision of the Council of Ministers. Those who own a property in Turkey of at least $250,000 value and commit to not selling it for 3 years can apply for the Turkish passport by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

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At the moment, the safest option for the foreign investors who acquired the Turkish citizenship and whose 3 years period has expired is not to sell their real estate back to the previous owners. If a foreign investor buys real estate from a Turkish company, there should not be anybody from the investor’s nationality among the partners of that company. That is to say, the investor has to check the recent partnership structure of the Turkish real estate company from which he/she buys the real estate. Previously, there was such a restriction only for companies in which the investor, his/her spouse or children are partners. One of the key benefits of applying for Turkey’s citizenship program is that it takes about three to four months only for your application to be approved. You don’t need to worry about any formal interview or mandatory military service.
turkish citizenship by investment
Police, fire brigade, ambulance are at your door in 3 minutes in the city, this time is 5 minutes outside the city. Turkey is a strong country with military law firm turkey bases in 7 countries of the world, which keeps half a million soldiers in barracks. No, dual citizenship does not prevent you from being a Turkish citizen.

Successful Applicants For Turkish Citizenship

Turkey also benefits from the citizenship by investment program as it boosts investment in the economy and shores up the lira. It is therefore, a win-win situation for both Turkey and the applicant. This means that once the applicant becomes a citizen of Turkey, he can apply for US residency through the E-2 visa program.
turkish citizenship by investment
The programme offers such a possibility to apply for your spouse besides your children under 18 years old. Staying in the country for a certain period is not stated by the law. Paid price for a property should be transferred directly from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account by a bank transfer. Bank receipts will be a buyer’s prove on this phase that shows the transaction of money between buyer and seller. Moreover, any other third person should not be involved in the transaction process.

Path To Turkish Citizenship Through Profitable Investment

We select only those we consider offer something a little different and will always be in demand when the time comes to sell. The figures quoted for rental yields and capital appreciation are independently validated via annual real estate reports. We only recommend companies with a proven track record not only in construction and on time delivery but as importantly in looking after our clients.
turkish citizenship by investment
Following valid entry to Turkey, foreigners who wish to extend their stay in Turkey, shall apply for a ‘short-term residence permit’. For regular short-term residence permit application process the waiting period for an appointment/interview date at many popular districts is quite long . However, in such citizenship by investment based special short-term applications, application can be finalized within 1 to 10 days after making online application. Application procedures are carried out in the special office of the Immigration Directorate in Istanbul and Ankara. If foreigners issue a special power of attorney for handling the short-term residence permit application, foreigners will not require to enter into Turkey before making an application and application process can be handled remotely via PoA’s.
turkish citizenship by investment
If there is to be real housing demand of foreigners with a residence permit and immovable property should be used for this purpose. NOVA TURKISH CITIZENSHIP, gives legal advisory services for a real estate purchase to get the accurate and reliable sales contracts for foreigners to invest and secure. Yes, if your budget is not enough for applying for , you may try Turquoise Card. It give its owner the same rights as are the rights of Turkish citizen, except for the right to vote and mandantory military service. You can buy several properties which have a total value of more than $250,000 or its equivalent in other currency.

If your child is over the age of 18 and has a disability, they’ll also qualify under your application. By buying a passport for Turkey, you’ll have the ability to apply for residency in both the UK and the US without being subjected to quote limitations. Your Turkish passport will open doors for you around the world, including visa-free travel to 114 countries.

An additional benefit of obtaining Turkish citizenship is that it offers access to the coveted E-2 Visa to the United States. The E-2 Visa allows a family to live and work in the United States for the purposes of owning and operating a business or franchise. The visa is often described as “the next best thing to a Green Card” because of the range of benefits it offers, including travel flexibility and the ability for a spouse to apply for work authorization in the United States. The key to an application is to present a credible business case to the US consulate in Istanbul.

D&A is strongly positioned to help our clients build a strong business plan or alternatively find a franchise business which meets with the E-2 program requirements. Given its position as a major international transport hub at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it comes as little surprise that Turkey’s citizenship by investment program is fast becoming one of the most popular in the world. Turkey’s cost-effective program offers fast processing times and access to a strong passport and diverse economy. In addition, Turkish passport holders are eligible for the United States E-2 Visa, which allows a person to relocate to the United States for the purpose of owning and operating a business. For the regular short-term residence permit application process, the waiting period for an appointment/interview date in many popular districts is quite long . However, for such special short-term applications , the waiting period for an appointment date can be shorter and said appointment date can be arranged to suit the applicant’s availability.
turkish citizenship by investment
My Turkish Passport company is a trendsetting firm in the arena of citizenship by investment and residency by investment solutions domiciled in Istanbul. Thanks to our know-how reservoir and 15 years’ experience in the sector, we are facilitating your investments in real estate within Turkey. The minimum necessary investment to qualify for the Turkish citizenship by investment program decreased to 250,000 USD from the initial one million US dollars. Moreover, the Turkish programme offers various investment options, including bank deposits, capital investments and job creation. First you need to gather the relevant documents which normally takes 3-4 days.

If the property address is your residential address, then it will need to be changed after the sale. If you are not settled in Turkey with no permanent address, then no address needs to be changed upon the sale of the property. Children of investors, which are over 18 years old are not eligible for the application even if they are financially dependent on their parents. Turkish passport holders have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 110 destinations. This 120 m2 spacious commercial property is suitable for Turkish CItizenship with good investment potential in Istanbul.
turkish citizenship by investment

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