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Turkish Citizenship Or Residence Permit . How To Apply For Turkish Residence Permit In Turkey? There are over 20 types of permit each specific to a foreigner’s situation. They include permits for extended tourism, for work, for study, permits for the spouse of a Turkish citizen and permits for foreigners buying Turkish property. Refugees or those receiving protection in Turkey also need such a residence permit. The application may be made through the e-Appointment System or another alternative route of

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Culture Of Turkey . Turkish Fires Sweeping Through Tourist Areas Are The Hottest On Record In the 1960s, the Bauhaus school with its emphasis on mass production influenced the construction of middle-class urban housing in Ankara and some other cities. Turkey’s first skyscraper, a commercial office building, was constructed in 1959 in Ankara. Since that time, modern skyscrapers and high-rise government, commercial, and apartment buildings have transformed most major cities. Since the 1950s, modern urban centers have been ringed by

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